Since the foundation in 1946 at Castelnovo di Sotto, The company is growing continuously in the field of motor driven pumps. Continuous investments in the staff and equipment has resulted in the company’s rapid entry into a widely expanding market, which crossed the Italian borders in the 70’s.

Research and Design

If the modernisation of recent years has had a profound effect in the design and testing centres, the innovation introduced in the manufacturing plant is just as remarkable . This has resulted in a quick and flexible way of working, which enables us to fulfil the great volumes of demand that are typical of the worldwide market of “large-scale distribution”, with naturally no loss in quality of the product.

Quality Control

Wortex products are created as a result of careful design and severe technical controls. Methodical and constant control and testing of every phase in the company’s activity, from the purchasing of raw materials to the end product, are an essential prerequisite of quality. Sophisticated equipment has been introduced for dimensional, electrical, hydraulic and safety checks.