Men build societies.

Paini case is an example of that. Starting from a little craft made factory founded in 1954, in 50 years it has become one of the leader companies in its range. At the end of the Sixties it reached the size of a little company, in 1972 it became a joint-stock company and it was also necessary to build a more modern and equipped plant next to the one already existing. The period of wider development for the company has certainly clashed with the birth of the mixer, in the Eighties. Today Paini is a big company covering an area of about 100,000 square metres, out of which 70,000 covered, with 390 employees working in it. The staff are highly specialised and educated also through in house refresher courses. We also offer stages to students from technical and commercial institutes. Paini offers a wide range of taps – mixers, bathroom accessorieses and ship-building industry, kitchen, bath and shower associated products. We proudly produce 4 million pieces per annum. The production cycle provides the usage of high quality raw materials only, in conformity with the strict UNI-CEE standards.