About CeraStyle

CeraStyle Ceramics has grown beyond the borders of Turkey and become one of the important players in the global markets since it was founded more than 20 years ago. Blending its respect for people with respect for nature and by swiftly adapting to our modern age in which the changes are taking place in a much more accelerated fashion, CeraStyle Ceramics has been operating successfully thanks to its professionals and strong infrastructure.


Offering innovative products to the global markets by using advanced technologies and accumulated experiences in every field and stage of production, Turkuaz Ceramics operates in line with the global quality standards.


Known for the orginality of it its products,CeraStyle besides its technical department and production power is guided by the cretivity and the artistic direction of Turkuaz Design Team, to whom are attributed creations that impress with their refined design, offering infinite shapes and user friendly solutions, giving the entire CeraStyle production a unique and unmistakable touch that sets it apart.